Saturday, January 10, 2009


So, our neighbor called us, on the first day of the new year, to let us know that her daughter Fiona - whom my kids had hung out with, watched videos with, played dolls with all of New Years Eve - that she now has chicken pox. (!)

LUCKILY, we never retrieve our voice mail/phone messages, so we didn't have one moments worry! Not one!

And we would have worried, because John never had chicken pox as a kid and could get horribly sick if he gets it now... but maybe we - oops! I better not tempt fate! Let's just keep our newly crossed fingers crossed and not type anything rash... (get it? rash?)

Meanwhile, I found (ok, made) a little Hedgehog who has come down with a case of the spots himself. I'm sure Fiona will know just what to do to make him feel better...

Fiona is 9 (already!) and she knits! (already!).

Perhaps she'll knit him a little blanket...or make him a little scarf? He tells me his bed is 'adequate', which I think is grumpy-hedgehog-speak for 'I hope she paints something fun on my headboard'...

I'm sure he will be better behaved once he's feeling better!

I hope she likes him!

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