Thursday, January 22, 2009

Serendipity? or just good sense?

I am so in love with the pouch I made for the set of just came together so if I had it all planned! Ha!

It is so interesting to me, how the paint colors (pallette) as well as the images I chose for the blocks (last November) seem so compatable in color and style with this fabric from Anna Maria Horner (from her newest 09 collection in a random bag of scraps that just arrived in the mail!) as well as how nicely the double-sided ribbon that I bought last spring "matches", not to mention how my card/tag that I have been using for 2 years now seems to 'tie' it all together.

Am I crazy? Or do you see what I mean? I am a Sag, (can barely plan anything, or is that just me?) I can't imagine my Virgo friends leaving so much to chance...but I am SO pleased with the result!
So, is the lesson to just always buy what catches your fancy and eventually it'll all make sense?
I try to let the stores 'store' it for me till I need it, but this, this speaks to my squirrel-self...(hate when that happens, really)...

It's on it's way to Australia now, hope the new owner likes it as much as I do!

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