Friday, May 25, 2018

A little corner of Maileg handmade happiness...

Oh Maileg! How I love you!

Maileg, designed by Danish artist Dorthe Mailil, uses such beautiful, soft-to-the-touch fabrics like washed linen and velour, I love their color pallete, and their textures and their fine detailing - whoever is manufacturing these marvels, great job! Ooh la la! So very nice!

So, quite recently the Maileg Ginger Family (size 1) arrived and have since moved into a happy corner of my bedroom, where I shelve my baby wraps and where my daughters have discovered them and are happily play play playing - but I've made it clear these are MY dolls and things and not to be interspersed (lost) around the house, lol.

Not sure if there will be house painting soon, though I fully intended to paint the 'floors' originally, now I'm thinking I may need to upgrade the wood shelves (floors) from simple pine to a nicer, harder wood. Probably sooner than later. But it's sure nice to see this 'dollhouse' taking shape in my funny little corner.

In case you are interested, the Ginger kids have vintage Ginny doll beds (Strombecker) that can stack into bunk beds if you prefer, and the Ginger parents have a nice old doll bed that fits them beautifully. The dark step back kitchen cabinet is an old Boyd's Bears one, and the dresser is also Strombecker.
All the bedding I sewed from my collection of fabrics and am quite pleased with the result so far.  Yay for Ebay and for vintage quality that lasts and lasts! I think Maileg is of the same category, these are timeless toys that will last and last, becoming family treasures.

I made some modifications on these dolls, because they were quite stiff and unable to pose how I had imagined. In fact, the pic of 'Dad' online showed him with a line of stitching at the knee but when he arrived his knees were solid and unbending, so I added a line of stitching to all of their knees, so that their legs would bend, and did the same to their elbows, even carefully opening some seams partly and removing some of the polyfiber fluff inside so the arms would not be quite so stiff... I used a tiny  ladder stitch to close the seams back up... I also removed and re-sewed back on all of their arms, except the mom doll, who for some reason was constructed differently and her arms move just fine, and did not need any modification at the shoulder, just the elbows.

I plan to post more pics soon, but for now, enjoy!
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