Monday, April 27, 2009

Plastic toys we LOVE...

I don't want to get too Montessori/Waldorf -i-ish on y'all, so I'm going to include some of our all-time favorite plastic toys in these reviews of mine.

I'm hoping these reviews help other families to have less 'quantity' and more 'quality' toys.. I am in the process of weeding out our toy bins...which can be a challenge, considering that we have both boys and girls as well as baby, 'little kid' and 'big kid' toys.

Ok, so here is my first favorite plastic toy review:
Playmobile 1-2-3
Five stars! Larger than regular Playmobile toys (Bumble-bee girl measures 2.25 x 1.25 inches), these streamlined, smooth plastic toys are just lovely and feel great in the hand. Sturdy, well-made, nicely jointed, (at neck and waist) with simplified shapes, this line is safe for babies and yet still interesting enough for my Dd5 and Ds6. (Darling daughter who is 5, and Darling son who is 6.) We have even used these as tub toys and as sandbox toys. They can take it, and they do dry out, (but sand in my house is a pet peeve of mine, so unless we buy seperate toys for outside use only, these are to stay indoors only).

The people fit nicely where they should (on the horse, in the cart, etc) and the animals fit nicely in our favorite (also plastic) barn (I'll be back later today to post that review).
I also really like the charming and whimsical bumble bee girl and her spinning flower and the lady-bug-boy on his snail. Strange and perfect, perfectly strange? The flower spins, the snail rattles, the baby loves them and I do too. I think I'm in a 'woodland' phase these days...can't get enough fairys and gnomes and mushrooms...and bug-kids...

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