Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting ready...tick tick tick...

For some reason, this year I really want to re-create an Easter memory of mine...I think I was about 6...maybe it's because my oldest is 6 now? Hmmmm... probably.

Well, I am on pins and needles to pull it off, as it involves sweet (challah?) egg bread in little bunny shapes at each place setting, each holding a colored egg...which alone means staying up all night...and though I sometimes do, and probably will, I'd really like to make the breads without staying up all night...(not to mention the little paper frilled baskets at each place setting filled with jelly beans, the table all set and ready...etc)...

I wish I could invite Martha Stewart over for the prep(!), or at least had Martha's crew of over-acheivers at my beck and call! But my aunt didn't, all those years ago, and she pulled it off so nicely!
My mom has no memory of that Easter's preparations, like whether she even helped my aunt or not...but I remember the result; a glorious, magical morning filled with California sunshine and hummingbirds at the window feeders (ok, that part would be too hard here in Michigan even for Martha) and 5 children all ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their very own magical, colorful, beee-uuuu-tiful table all set with a child's dream of an Easter feast.

I'll try to find some pictures. Until then, what I have so far is a very pretty Easter mantel, with some Martha crafts (very fun) and some cherry blossoms that just may bloom in time (which would be amazing, we'll see).
(painting by Aurora Jane, age 3)
(doll available here)

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