Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is NOT comin' from Muji, kids

MUST. GET. THIS. FOR. MY. KIDS. FOR. CHRISTMAS. Damn the expense. Import it from England? Japan? Sure, no problem.

I know I know, coveting is bad bad bad. A sin even, right? Oh, but I do so covet this Circus in a Box from Muji! I want it soooooo bad!

BUT it's not available anymore! At least, I don't think so after calling London, and New York, and visiting and re-visiting the Japanese website! Waaaaaaahhhh!

This is one BIG reason reading blogs can be dangerous! You discover things you must have, at any expense!

So I blame YOU, pandorapocket.typepad.com! I blame you for temptation and the neglect of the children whose mother spent hours searching the web in vain for this most awesome thingy!

Want to see another pic? There you go. You want it too, don't you. No? It costs under $20! Can you imagine such cool retro-awesomeness gracing your shelf? For $20?!!! (okay, plus, like a billion for shipping, whatever!)

It folds up!!! In a box! See?! How cool would it be to bring this along in the kids' diaper bag so they are (all)quiet and good during dinner at a restaurant!?!

Oh, I want one soooooo much it pains me. http://www.independent.co.uk/galleries/christmas-gift-guide/christmas-gifts-for-everyone-1039573.html?action=Popup&ino=61 LIARS! It's Unavailable!!!(I think I have lost my mind!)

Or, is it the fault of Animal Aid's Animal Alerts, asking people to complain about the inhumane treatment of wooden circus animals kept in pretty painted folding boxes?! (!)(oh come on!)http://www.animalaid.org.uk/h/f/ACTIVE/actionalert//1/

Ok, so I must resign myself to living without this. Or...now I must make one! How hard can it be?!

hahahahahah I'm serious. Just you wait world! (but don't hold your breath or anything!)

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