Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas from Ikea and other blogging madness

So, have you ever seen something on someone's blog and gone completely bonkers out-of-your-mind sleepless with desire for the something they have got and you have not?

Non? oui?

(treefall, you are wicked good at this, this -showing-me-stuff-I-now-want-want-want! you-know you are!http://treefalldesign.typepad.com/tree_fall/) (must get that cut-n-make advent calender!!!)(and I do so appreciate all your help tracking down the origins of your personal possessions)(perhaps it is a clue to where I should be living, not in Michigan, no, but in England! Say, smack-dab in her house! ) ;)

Anyhow, I am delighted to say that today, after about a year of fruitless searching and occaisonal (lost) bidding wars on eBay, I was able to FINALLY ACQUIRE the Ikea Ekorre Toddle Wagon that someone (sooooo long ago now that I can't even find it in my computer's history) someone blogged about (...if you recognize the above artist's matryoshka pillow dolls, please tell me who, and I will properly atribute the photo) (Edit: turns out it's from here, but of course!) ...anyhow, Isn't it cute?!
But now,
You too can get it at Ikea here: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40060836
I think they just re-stocked them for Christmas
but they won't ship it to you!
Bwwahh ha ha!
Nope, you'll have to make the trek yourself, or hope it's on eBay... sorry! You can't have mine!

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