Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the tiny doll...

The little surprise bed to send her off in...Waiting...

Hanging out in the chalet...
Made for my Etsy shop...she measures just 2 inches tall...(just sold!) She is my first doll strung with elastic, I think inspired by my research into Japanese ball jointed dolls...I like it, gives her a nice ability to hold a pose.


  1. I'd love to hear about your weightloss. My only concern is that i would end up gettingpregnat soonafter and that Ketomist would somehow hurt my future childrne with something in the product. I also have a toddler I'm nursing still. Can you email me at Beauty For Ashes 5 at att . net Thanks. Alida w5

    1. Hello!
      I too worried about the spray but if you go on the Ketomist site, there are detailed explanations about the spray being homeopathic and I learned that the spray actually contains 'nothing' but a bit of alcohol. No ingredients that can be seen under a microscope! However, your body can detect the resonance of the HCG hormone, which you produced yourself while pregnant, and your body reacts AS IF pregnant. It's remarkable. It works. And it cannot hurt you or your current or future babies. It is safe to take even if you are on medicines and you might not need said medicines once you drop weight - that has happened to so many people!
      All the best, Autumn

    2. I should add that I have another blog: where I write all about the homeopathic HCG spray and my journey with this amazingly rapid weight loss protocol called Dr Simeons Pounds and Inches.


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