Monday, January 18, 2010

Who lives in the Mushroom house?

We do!

Yes, this is officially a 'Smurf House'. But I'm not a big Smurf fan. These little handmade felt dollies are just the perfect size for this house (and much cuter, in my opinion, sorry Smurf lovers!).

My (5yr old) daughter and I made the little 'mushroomy' tables and chairs with wooden spools and she even designed the rug on the inside, which I then sewed out of felt. It needed a rug, because although the house is nice enough, it's plastic-y and the rug makes it much nicer, and the dolls 'stand' well on it. The chimney I glued in place (using rubbery Fabric-tac) to keep it from popping off, and the whole top lifts off for play.

The mushroom house is made by Schleich and can be found here, at our favorite local toy store, and the handmade dolls can be found at the Magic Cabin here and here. I don't think the pictures do them justice, they are so petite and perfect, and very charming, made by a Romanian women's cooperative.

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