Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My little guy's are growing up so fast...I just realized my eldest thinks he's in a grand countdown till his 'Last Nap' which, according to him, is the very moment he turns six. Six! I've never had a six year old before! Maybe they Do take naps still! It could happen! "No way, Mom. Six year olds DO NOT Nap."
(Do they sit still and be as quiet as mice and let their Mama do her Etsy-ing and let their younger siblings nap? We'll have to see about that...)

(The baby pictured is the same boy about to turn 6! Wow. And there's Doggie and Bear, our wonderful Martha Stewart Baby sleep-aids, -oops, no, I mean Loveys )


  1. I swear, pregnancy is the longest part! Once they're born - they grow so fast!!


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